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Crucial Considerations When Choosing a Fitness Program

Imagine you walked into a fitness facility. There is a load of great equipment available and you've heard good things. Do you know if it's the right fit for you? Here are three crucial points to consider before signing up.

1. Convenience. What does your schedule look like and do they have a schedule to match your availability? Can you drop in some days and put in a good high intensity workouts and other days work hard in a group - all while being coached on your movement mechanics and technique? It's great to put in a workout on your own sometimes and push yourself, but it's vital that you're doing it right and that's tough without a trainer guiding you along the way.

2. Community. Do you see yourself training day after day with the community that you meet when you're there? How warming are they to you when you walked in the door? How friendly are the coaches and do you feel comfortable with them? If you aren't completely confident in the people there and the coaches, you may not attend when you don't want to on days when you're tired and stressed out. The right community will make your training, the wrong community can break it. Depending on your goals, I would look for a community that is welcoming and motivating, and coaches that are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.

3. Creativity. What are the workouts like? Do they change up the themes of the workout, the movements and the intensity so you are pushing and resting throughout the weeks? Do they repeat specific movements often, so you can learn and improve on them? I love the idea of a constantly varied routine, but it might be tough to reach specific goals if you aren't repeating a specific movement you want to be better at. A good program will vary the workout to change things up, but some movements will be repeated often in cycles, so you have time to learn and understand the mechanics of it while other exercises are changing and varied. There is a delicate balance of helping you learn movements, being creative and fun so you sometimes forget you are training and varying the right things at the right times in the year.