Daily Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition and Mobility August 15 | SOF

Daily Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition and Mobility August 15

It's easy to get caught up in negative stories inside our mind. We're programmed to survive (back when fear kept us alive from unknown dangers in the forest). But it doesn't have to be that way anymore. If you find yourself thinking negatively or thinking over an event (and likely building it up to be far worse in your mind than it was), you always have the option to leave. While our subconscious thoughts can be our weakness, we can decide to make them our strength.

Fitness Challenge: Run for 25 minutes and cover as much distance as you can. Ignore any negative thought that comes up while you're doing it. Leave that story in the dust.

Nutrition Challenge: Have everything you eat today be prepared by you. No Starbucks, no eating out. Commit to your own food wherever you decide to eat it.

Mobility Movement: Complete large ankle circles for 15 in each direction. Then use the ground to go into an ankle roll stretch to build some elasticity in your ankle. Finally, stand on one foot and close your eyes (be mindful of what is around you) to build balance and stability.