Daily Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition and Mobility August 17 | SOF

Daily Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition and Mobility August 17

When things get tough I often hear people say they did their best. If that's true, you have everything to be proud of. The question becomes, have you given it everything you have? If you have, then be proud of that effort and keep working toward your goals. The gains will come. Just make sure every day that you're doing your best, making the right choices, and arming yourself with the right knowledge. You might think people who have what you want are "lucky" but I can tell you there's a very good chance they worked very hard at some point in their life. And if they haven't, they are missing out on the feeling of true accomplishment.

Fitness Challenge: Take one of your main goals and break it into manageable smaller goals, then find out where you stand with them. If you want to do a full push-up, there are lots of ways to build to it. You can do incline push-ups and keep dropping the incline until you meet the ground. Or you can do lots of negatives until you start to push back when you hit the ground. I'm not a big fan of modified push-ups for building push-up strength - stick to the incline in that case.

Nutrition Challenge: It's Friday and the weekend is right in front of you. Will you make the right decisions this weekend to reach your goals? Stop and ask yourself if the few minutes of indulgence is worth not getting the results that you want in your life. Only you have the answer and it's a pass / fail as to the importance of your goals.

Mobility Movement: Complete a dead hang for 1 minute, letting the shoulders relax. If you can't do it under your own weight that's okay, stay on your toes or a box if you need to.