Daily Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition and Mobility August 23 | SOF

Daily Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition and Mobility August 23

It takes some time to get good with Kettlebells. I don't believe a lot of people go through the learning process long enough or often enough to learn to enjoy them. But they are a fantastic posterior chain strengthening tool for your lower body and shoulder stabilizing tool for your upper body (among hundreds of other benefits). Don't give up on them because you get a bruise or you aren't good with them - learn and do the work, it will pay off. Few pieces of equipment offer so much benefit in one package. If I had to choose one piece of gear for an entire workout (considering overall fitness benefit) it would be a kettlebell.
Fitness Challenge: Complete 50 Kettlebell swings.
Nutrition Challenge: Eat before and after your workouts. Before a workout gives you the benefit of having energy in your body ready for use. After a workout you are a furnace and your body is ready to burn those calories and use them immediately in the recovery process. 1 - 2 hours both ways is good.
Mobility Movement: Hold a Kettlebell or dumbbell up over your head (it doesn't have to be heavy) and complete small circles to build comfort and stability in the overhead position. Complete 15 - 20 circles in both directions for 3 sets.