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Fun with Nutrition - Circuit Blast Thursday September 6th

There are commonly two problems that arise when people are adjusting their eating habits. They eat too much of the "right" food or they don't eat enough. Either habit might kill your progress. Let's assume you've cut most of the junk (processed foods) out of your diet already and you've adjusted your macros to something like 40% carbs, 40% fat, 20% protein.

If you consider these numbers every meal, are you sure you're hitting them? Do you know when you're eating too much of certain macro types or not enough?

Yes, it's complicated and I won't be going into details in this article. But I want you to understand how often people tell me they're eating "well" but can't lose weight. Here is what I'm going to do:

On Wednesday night in Orleans, Thursday morning and evening at Hog's Back Park, I'm going to make the Circuit Blast workout into a workout based on the macros from food people commonly eat. You might -love- banana's, but if you choose to "consume" (you won't actually have to eat the food) a banana in the workout, you'll have to burn off the sugar.

Fat = Aerobic training
Carbs = High intensity training
Protein = Heavy lifts
Sugar = Burpees
Total Calories = Skipping

I hope to see you out there and break down some common beliefs in how many calories you might be taking in vs. what you need. To lose weight you must be at a calorie deficit every day, but if that loss is too great your body goes into starvation mode and hoards the calories as fat in case you don't get food again for a while. It's a self defence mechanism that you can't do anything about. The solution? You need to nail down your requirements based on your activity, life and intolerances.