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Habits and Excitement - Your ticket to goal crushing paradise

Another month is nearly over - the year is about to end. How many New Years Resolutions did you hit in 2018? If you're like the majority, you might have missed out on a few of your goals. So, let's look at what might have caused you to fall off the wagon and how we get you back on track before 2018 ends, or set you up to succeed in 2019.

Here is my opinion on the two most powerful tools for goal crushing paradise:

1. Habits

2. Excitement

Do you remember that time when you had to wake up at 4am in order to be at the airport for 5am and on your plane for 7am? How did you feel when you woke up? Well if 4am is a habit for you, you probably didn't feel too tired or annoyed. It was just another day you chose to wake up early.

What about the time you finished work, looked at the clock and decided to head home to Netflix because you had a tough day and you deserve it, damnit! If your habit after work is heading home to binge watch Netflix, there's a reason you aren't getting to the gym. There's nothing motivational you'll find in a Netflix episode that will get you out of the house and to the gym.

So why is it so hard to wake up in the morning when you need to get to the gym? Why do you skip the gym after work? Because it's a habit you've developed. The person who exercises every day has it so much easier than the person who decides to do it infrequently or when they really feel motivated. The habits you create will create the life that you have and the results that you have. Do you have a list of a thousand excuses not to wake up in the morning? If it's your habit to sleep in anyway, you'll fall back on it - why not, it's a habit. If you get in your car and decide you deserve to head home and do nothing and that's your habit, then that's exactly what you'll do.

Here is the solution: You need to develop a habit of doing something nearly every day, like (hopefully) brushing your teeth, and you just do it. Not every habit is really exciting every day, but if it's a habit, you're so much closer than most people to hitting your goal because you showed up. Motivation and energy can help you get started, but it's the habits that you live by each day that will dictate where you get. The same is true at work.

Habits are extremely powerful, which is why you become just like the people you spend the most time with. If you want to work out but all your friends couldn't care less about it and sit around at home complaining about the pain they are in and the lack of time they have while sipping margaritas together, good luck making it to the gym.

Now a little more about creating a habit. 

To create a habit, you need excitement. You need goals that get you pumped up enough over at least a 30-day period, that you'll jump out of bed because you can't wait to try something that just might get you a little closer. If you had to wake up at 4am for a flight and that flight was to Jamaica for vacation, you just might be excited enough to get out of bed instead of hitting snooze and missing your flight. What's the difference between Jamaica and the gym? Just your level of excitement and desire to get somewhere. Here is a simple thought: If you really wanted your goals, you would get to the gym at any time of day that you could. It's that simple. You would find a way just like when a pet you love is sick and you find the money to take him/her to the vet and get some medicine. You -must- find that level of excitement and enthusiasm.

A word of caution: the problem a lot of people face is they find motivation, set unrealistic expectations, then lose quickly because all that insane motivation turned to self-doubt and depression-like symptoms when goals weren't met in world record time. What this really means is that on the way to your goals you need to love the process. You need to see the small steps forward for what they are. Don't know what the small steps are or where to begin? I can help if you want to take the steps with me.

From November 25 - December 23rd I'm helping people set realistic goals and break them in 30 days. But you have to commit to the process. For those who attend regularly, I'll spend a lot more time helping in little ways when I can. For those who set goals and don't show up, there's no system I can put in place to get you out of bed or from the office to the gym if you can't find enough inner desire to get that far on your own - you aren't setting the right goals. During the 30 days I'll be writing or posting video on goal setting and give you some keys to help you succeed.

Your goal can be anything fitness related with a maximum of three goals. If you choose to lose some weight (I'm not a huge fan of weight loss as a measuring tool), I don't want to see more than 4lbs lost as a goal in 30 days. If you lose more than 4lbs in a month you probably changed something in your life that was so drastic the odds of keeping it up are unrealistic (subject to how much weight you have to lose).

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