Happy 60th Birthday O'Shea! | SOF

Happy 60th Birthday O'Shea!

People are often in and out of our lives, but there are moments when you meet someone and you know you are better just for having known them. "All Day" O'Shea is one of those people. She is so much more than a Soldiers of Fitness member who pushes herself hard every class. She's a friend and an incredible person. I have known her for over 4 years and have seen many sides of her personality that I can only hope to mimic some day. I feel the need to share what an incredible person she is. Let me point out a few things:

In the month of November O'Shea celebrated her 60th birthday by completing 60 workouts in 4 weeks as part of an overload challenge. She won the contest, having pushed herself incredibly hard. It's easy to look up to her for such a feat. How many people would put themselves through that? Yes, she did mobilty classes and basics classes, but she kicked so much butt in so many high intensity classes that it was awesome to see. She has attended several weekend Survivor competitions where members are expected to travel great distances over a two and a half day period without a lot of sleep and she always came out stronger.

Even after all of the classes she attends, she still finds time to train for her specific goals in private one-on-one personal training. How many people have you seen working on their handstand modifications? It doesn't matter what it is, when she wants to accomplish something, she goes after it.

Sometimes called the "SOF Mom" O'Shea at one point had three babies on her lap while moms were working out at the Mom and Tot class taught on Tuesdays. O'Shea wasn't there to work out. She was there because she loves babies, loves the mothers who created the babies (mostly Soldiers of Fitness members) and cares about so much more than herself. She could have stayed home and relaxed with the time she had to spare. She could have done anything else. But she chose to come out week after week when she could, just to help out with the babies so the mothers could exercise.

Probably one of the biggest impacts on me is that she is a great role model of a friend, mother and wife and has an incredible family. I listen to her stories of the decisions she has made for her kids growing up and currently (she has also welcomed a teenager into her home to help him succeed in life and improve in the sport that he loves) and been inspired by the incredible adventures they have gone on together or separately as confident individuals. In the Fall of 2018 O'Shea's husband Kevin helped us out with our Survivor Adventure program by hooking us up with canoes and canoe lessons for everyone on the trip.

I could go on and on.

Needless to say, O'Shea is an inspiration as a friend and mother to us all and at 60 years old is tougher and more mobile than most people in their twenties. Happy Birthday O'Shea - I hope to celebrate many, many more with you if I don't successfully kill you during one of them.