What kind of training do you do?
Everything! We have programs to focus on obstacle course training (OCR) and general fitness, programs for strength and mobility, and many more! Check out our programs menu for details.

What if I'm not physically fit?
That is okay! The point of our program is to get you in shape. We have people of all fitness levels working out together. The beauty of this program is that it is designed to benefit everyone, from someone who has never worked out before to tri-athletes. No one gets left behind! All that is required is that you give it your very best effort each and every single day. If you're stepping off the couch we recommend our Functional Movement class.

Can you modify exercises for individuals?
All of our exercises can be modified or adjusted to allow for different fitness levels (progressions and regressions). If you have a prior injury to a muscle or joint, we ask that you please inform one of the instructors and they may recommend our Functional Movement class until you are healed up.

Will I be sore?
Muscle pain is normal for anyone starting out on a new fitness regiment, but this pain will quickly subside as you continue through the course. It is all part of the improvement process.

How many people attend each course?
We always keep the class sizes manageable by splitting bigger groups into smaller groups. We strive for a 1:15 Instructor to candidate ratio.

Who attends our programs?
People just like you. Some who need a little push to jump-start their fitness and wellness program; others who are already working out; still others who want high-energy workouts. Regardless of their individual goals they will all want to train in a team environment.

What do I need to bring?
You will require a water bottle (ideally on a belt), running shoes, and appropriate fitness attire.

Are there shower facilities or a place I can get changed for work?
No, we do not have shower facilities.

What do you do in the winter?
We have an indoor location on Tuesday and Thursday's at a private gym. Please inquire for details.

Is there a refund policy?
If you are concerned that you will not enjoy the class, try it out for free! E-mail nadon@soldiersoffitnessottawa.com and we'll get you booked in to try it out at no obligation.

What if I get injured?
Minor injuries happen and we want you to take the time you need to rest and recover. Your sessions have a long expiry date and with a doctor's written letter you can extend the time before your sessions expire.