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Gold - $259 per month

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Our Gold package is absolutely everything you need to hit all your goals. It includes unlimited classes, so you can sign up for any class. A 1-hour personal training session a month helps you focus on your personal goals and how to achieve them. You receive nutrition coaching with our weekly follow-ups, strategies and advice based on your goals. We don’t tell you what to eat, we offer suggestions and accountability based on what you are currently doing and why you are making the choices you are.

  • Unlimited Classes
  • 1-hour Personal Training Session Per Month
  • Nutrition Coaching and once a week e-mail consultation


Silver - $179 per month

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  • Unlimited Classes


Bronze - $135 per month

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  • 8 Classes per month (of any type)


Drop-in Boot Camp Only (limited to 30-minute classes) - $109 per month

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  • Unlimited Drop in Boot Camp classes
  • Drop-in Boot Camp for Sunday's only now available with 4 sessions in a month for $55 a month


Kid's Boot Camp 8+ $99 per month unlimited

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  • Limited to the Kids Boot Camp Class only
  • First family member regular price, discounts for additional family members
  • 6 Sessions a month available for $60 a month 


Drop-in Boot Camp Single Class - $20 per class



All other classes Single Class Purchases - $30 per class