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Drop-in Boot Camp / Group Boot Camp

Boot Camp is our best stationary workout class that will get you results -fast- with great trainers to push you hard, but teach you how to move well. You will experience all faucets of athleticism, from high intensity interval training to high volume training, strength training, plyometrics, agility and more. This is an ideal fat burning and motor skill development class. Exercises and equipment vary every class but there are always progressions and regressions for all fitness levels. If you’re a regular attendee you will experience battle ropes, skipping, prowler sleds, kettlebells and more.

Boot Camp Drop-In is our 30-minute solution for all you parents and adults on the go. Inside our drop-in hours, you can stop in and complete a 30-minute class on your own. The session consists of:

  • 3 minute warm-up cardio
  • 3 minute Mobility movements
  • 6 minute Strength and Power
  • 3 minute x 5 Athletic Stations
  • 3 minute stretch

To attend the Drop-in boot camp, register between the hours provided and show up at any time. Every 3 minutes another person is sent through the workout. (eg. If the listing is from 10:00am - 2:00pm you could arrive at 10:32 or 1:59 for your 30 minute workout - any time between the open drop-in hours).

The below video explains how the class works.



Our group Boot Camp (1 hour) involves working with a team to accomplish an objective for that day. These classes are often creative (involving puzzles, maps, word games, etc.) and have members working together. This class involves a 10-minute warm-up, 40 minute workout and 10-minute stretch at the end.

If you come outdoors be ready to accept the mission. Outdoors we often treat like a military operation (without negativity) where you'll have phases and objectives to target throughout the park. A story is often weaved into the mission, requiring you to come together as a team to find out what's going on and how you can defeat the enemy. Various equipment is utilized on missions, but one thing is for sure - you'll sweat and your muscles will burn. Depending on the time of year we incorporate (with proper notice to you), swimming, snowshoeing, sports, etc.

Outdoor workouts are the foundation of our program - Team work, commitment, guts and glory. We use all types of equipment to complete the mission such as tires, sandbags, rebar (that weigh as much as our service rifles), carl (named after the Carl Gustov - and weighs about the same) and much more. Outdoor boot camp often includes heading to four or five locations and working together to complete large numbers of exercises as a team to accomplish a single objective: mission success.