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Survivor Adventure Program (Winter)

What is the Survivor Adventure Program (Winter)?

  • A 1-day (12pm - 8pm) adventure through private forested untravelled terrain;
  • An experience within yourself to test your own limits and forget about your daily struggles and stresses;
  • A series of challenges throughout the day to compete as a team to win Top Team
  • An educational experience on winter training, map and compass, fitness and movements, snowshoeing and more!;
  • A seminar on the pillars of fitness (Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability) and Nutrition (taught in twenty minute pieces throughout the day) and how you can bring it all together to have a long, satisfying and healthy life;
  • The experience of a lifetime with people who are just as enthusiastic and good natured.


                In Survivor Winter Edition you will head out into the forest wearing snowshoes in an attempt to hit all map and compass locations and win competitions at each location (optional to compete). Every year challenges and locations will change. This is your chance to reconnect with yourself and forget your daily stresses. Best of all you get to do it with a group of people just like you. What you learn about yourself in nature is an experience you will never forget and one you can be proud of.

                Register solo and let me know (e-mail if you have a partner in mind. If you compete in every activity planned throughout the day you will receive a certificate of completion in the program and go on our Survivor Winter wall of fame (your picture and certificate will go on to the Survivor Photo Album on our website to proudly display). Your goal is to compete and win more activities than any other team of two (you do not have to register as a team of 2 - we can place you in a team). Unfortunately once registered there are no refunds for any reason.

So how does it all work?

We meet at 12:00PM on Saturday February 24th and check over your gear to make sure everyone has the minimum requirements (you will get a list 2 weeks prior to the program). From there the competition will start and we'll set off! You'll learn along the way about moving with snowshoes and winter survival through competition and lectures. You'll also learn about fitness, nutrition and exercise from several 20 minute lectures. 

What equipment do you require?

                The kit list for the program is as you would expect for a day of hiking: Extra clothing, food, some safety gear and a smile. Sample kit lists are available on request (e-mail

Who can attend?

Anyone over the age of 16 years old is eligible to register. We’ve had participants from 20 – 55 years old participate in the program and happily accept everyone. There is no minimum fitness level requirement but participants should be capable of carrying a 20lb pack for hour long intervals (covering 10 - 20km’s in the day).


2019 dates coming in September 2018.

REGISTATION TYPE: Team Competition (teams of 2). Can register on your own and you will be placed on a team.

There are no refunds issued for Survivor once you are registered for the program. This includes any medical or physical issues leading up to the program. The fees can't be carried over to another program or used as medical credit.

LOCATION: TBD - Likely private farm land.


Save 25% when you register before February 1st ($90 + Tax)! Regular price is $112+tax.