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Tune-up for Athletes

Our tune-up program is geared toward getting your joints moving like you were a kid again and keeping them that way. Good movement is especially important in sports like Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), running, dragon boat and more, where our tendons and ligaments often tighten up in ways they weren't meant to, causing pain in places we've never had pain before. I've had the same types of injuries in my racing career in OCR (shoulder, knee, achilles) and know the importance of training well. I've paddled dragon boat and had shoulder pain, hip and lower back discomfort. Chronic pain is often a result of poor posture, limited range of motion in our joints, improper warm-up, or overtraining (ligaments and tendons are not prepared for what we're asking of them). I believe all athletes need the benefits of increased mobility, stability and flexibility.

How does it work? In this sixty-minute program we warm up ranges of motion in your joints, then teach you how to move your body and mobilize your joints to increase your mobility, flexibility, stability and strength through a wide range of exercises and techniques. Many of these movements come from Yoga and gymnastics, but we are not limited by set poses and cater the stretches and movements to the people in the class, their limitations and the injuries they are most likely to experience. We include agility and balance as part of the mobility routine and finish the class with PNF or static stretches to stretch out the body and maximize recovery. Some of our favorite tools include yoga balls, bands, indian clubs, rollers and gymnastic rings (catered to the strength and skill of the individual).

While all our classes contain some joint mobility and flexibility training, it is not nearly as much or as beneficial as attending the tune-up program.