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Shauna Cooper

I’ve heard the following question a few times lately about my fitness: “Wow, how do you do that?”

The simplest answer I have is that on June 2, 2014 I showed up to my first Soldiers of Fitness class.  A day I will never forget for many reasons.  In my head I asked the same question of all...Read more

Kay O'Shea

“To say that Soldiers of Fitness has been a life-changer may seem a bit dramatic, but for me it truly has been. After letting myself get severely overweight and out of shape, I knew I had to do something. I was sore and ached all the time, suffered from migraines, and I was unhappy with myself....Read more

Robin Goski

“I had been a competitive athlete for close to 10 years. After finishing my post-secondary education, I realized it was time to get active once again. I did not have the energy level that I used to have, my clothes did not fit like I wanted them to and my overall mood was suffering without...Read more

David Cybulski

MEC 30k trail race was wicked fun. Finished the 31.7kms way beyond my expectations! 32nd overall.

Strength & Mobility classes have played an undeniable part in making me a stronger runner this year. I got plenty of stares as i went through our warm ups of arm circles, goal posts, and...Read more

Bridget Greene

“I used to go to the gym whenever I felt like it and didn't always put 100% into my workouts, I needed a change... I needed someone to hold me accountable. I needed a challenge. I started looking for fitness boot camps and came across Soldiers of Fitness. I read about the program and asked my...Read more

Julia Dmowski

“"I can't do this" is what went through my mind 5 minutes before arriving on location the very first day I began training with SOF. Not only did I not believe in myself but I was scared of what others would think of me. I had been working out in the gym for 8 months before I began SOF and wasn't...Read more

Anna Graham

“I stumbled across SOF when I was looking for a way to round out my running training. I've never really enjoyed the typical gym membership experience; I wanted something a little more intensive. I thought I'd only join SOF for a couple months, but that was 9 months ago and I won't be stopping...Read more

Amanda Greene

“When I started Soldiers of Fitness I had just began running and could barely do a push up. I was new to exercise and a former smoker of 13 years. The participants at SOF are incredible people of varying Fitness levels. Everyone was very supportive and so understanding of the limitations of my...Read more

Alec Norris

“When the clock struck midnight, and 2013 waltzed into my apartment to rudely remind me of all the failed resolutions of the previous year, I decided to make a resolution to end all resolutions. I didn't like my body, so change it; I didn't like my lifestyle and diet, so change that to. . .I...Read more

Yen Do

“I started SOF in May 2014 as a way to get ready for the Spartan Race. I had been working out steadily for the last 15 years but did not feel that anything I was currently doing was going to help me finish this race. A colleague recommended that I try SOF and I thought why not do it for two...Read more

Dovile Zitikyte

“I joined Soldiers of Fitness with the intention of losing some weight and getting in shape after having done very little exercise for years. I had always been very insecure, which led to developing some unhealthy eating and exercise habits for a few years. Although I got better, I found it...Read more

Jason Brace

“I work from home and as a result don't always get out as much as I should to exercise and take care of myself. I started going to a gym and worked with a personal trainer and started to see some great results, but I wanted to incorporate more cardio into my training and the equipment in the gym...Read more

Rosemarie Morse

“After having 2 children I had been struggling to get my pre-pregnancy body back, it was difficult to stay motivated at the gym and I wasn't really pushing myself to where change could happen. With some goals in mind I knew I needed more motivation, I needed more support. Soldiers of Fitness ‎...Read more

Marie-Eve Racette

“I first signed up for Soldiers of Fitness in June of 2014. After a winter of very little skiing (cross-country), I was the heaviest I had been in over a decade and I wasn’t happy about it. I had heard of SOF through word-of-mouth and though I liked the concept, I was hesitant to sign up for...Read more