Amanda Greene | SOF

Amanda Greene

“When I started Soldiers of Fitness I had just began running and could barely do a push up. I was new to exercise and a former smoker of 13 years. The participants at SOF are incredible people of varying Fitness levels. Everyone was very supportive and so understanding of the limitations of my fitness level. Cpl Nadon helped me to reach every goal I have set by encouraging me and pushing me when I didn't think I could push myself any further. Since joining SOF I have competed in countless races including 2 half marathons and have competed on 2 dragon boat teams at the Ottawa festival both have placed for metals. The program is both challenging and rewarding. After three years, I am still challenged every class. I highly recommend SOF to anyone who is trying to reach a fitness goal or just get started in fitness. The program is versatile and can help people of every fitness level. ”