Dovile Zitikyte | SOF

Dovile Zitikyte

“I joined Soldiers of Fitness with the intention of losing some weight and getting in shape after having done very little exercise for years. I had always been very insecure, which led to developing some unhealthy eating and exercise habits for a few years. Although I got better, I found it difficult to be motivated to work out consistently and reached the highest weight I'd ever been. I was trying out different bootcamps or working out on my own, but I'd quickly become discouraged and quit after a month or two. When I joined Soldiers of Fitness, I was hooked. One of the things that sets Soldiers of Fitness apart and kept me coming back month after month is the sense of accountability and dedication that the program inspires. Not only that, but the other SoF members were so welcoming, patient and encouraging from the very start. And although I initially joined with the intention of losing weight, my main motivation became to get better and faster. I did end up losing about 20lb along the way, but the most life-changing aspect was that I was finally working out because I enjoyed it and wanted to get stronger rather than suffering through exercise just to lose weight. The unique workouts pushed me far beyond what I thought I was physically capable of and I gradually started feeling more confident about myself. This mindset carried over to other parts of my life and I started being less afraid of going for opportunities that seemed out of my reach. Joining Soldiers of Fitness did help me achieve my fitness goals, but I also inadvertently learned to let go of many insecurities that had been holding me back. I am very grateful to have found this amazing program and thankful to Cpl Nadon, the Instructors and my Soldiers of Fitness family for bettering my life in so many ways.”