Julia Dmowski | SOF

Julia Dmowski

“"I can't do this" is what went through my mind 5 minutes before arriving on location the very first day I began training with SOF. Not only did I not believe in myself but I was scared of what others would think of me. I had been working out in the gym for 8 months before I began SOF and wasn't reaching my goals. I had low self-esteem and was very concerned about how others portrayed me. It was my coworker who found SOF and asked me to join with her. Although I was extremely nervous, I agreed to join with her for support in reaching her goals. Little did I know, I would soon have a new family whom supported ME with MY goals too. It turns out, I was nervous for no reason; everyone was so supportive and accepting. Suddenly, all my insecurities were forgotten in the midst of sweating and trying to remember everyone's names as they introduced themselves to me. No matter how nervous I got coming back the next day, there was no questioning myself anymore; everyone made me feel so welcome. I was determined to come back and finally get a chance at improving myself for good. SOF is not just a workout group- it's a family that is extremely supportive and motivating. The best thing I ever did was joining this amazing team. They helped me with my confidence all while working on my fitness goals too. Not only can I now clearly envision my fitness goals in sight, but I have a positive outlook towards myself and I can genuinely say the SOF family is to thank for where I am today; happy, healthy, and definitely on the right path to reaching my fitness goals:) I am proud to say I belong to SOF and wouldn't change it for the world:) ”