Robin Goski | SOF

Robin Goski

“I had been a competitive athlete for close to 10 years. After finishing my post-secondary education, I realized it was time to get active once again. I did not have the energy level that I used to have, my clothes did not fit like I wanted them to and my overall mood was suffering without activity as a part of my life. My friends urged me to join a gym because the classes at the gym had worked for them. But I knew that the gym was not for me. Even as an athlete, I did not enjoy gym workouts. I came across Soldiers of Fitness (SOF). The program is outdoors, has a mixture of cardio and muscular workouts and is in a group setting. All elements that I was look for in a fitness program. So I joined. I have now been a member of SOF for two and a half years. I love this program because it pushes me physically and mentally in a way I was used to as a competitive athlete. I am constantly challenged to improve and set new goals. The members of the platoon are my team; we work hard together, we push each other to be better, we look out for one another and, we have fun working out together. We are challenged to complete tasks that can only be accomplished as a team, so no member of the team is left behind. This program is so much more than a gym membership could ever be. I love getting up to workout, I am disappointed if I cannot make the workout and the members of my platoon make sure that I am alright if I did not make it to a class. How many people can say that about their gym membership? ”