Yen Do | SOF

Yen Do

“I started SOF in May 2014 as a way to get ready for the Spartan Race. I had been working out steadily for the last 15 years but did not feel that anything I was currently doing was going to help me finish this race. A colleague recommended that I try SOF and I thought why not do it for two months. I thought I was in good shape before I started SOF and I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult courses that I had ever done. For the first month, muscles hurt in places where I didn't even know that I had muscles. After two months, I became addicted to the type of exercises that were done in the course and the camaraderie of the people in the class. The results of getting a little faster and leaner also didn't hurt. :-) The idea that no one gets left behind and that everyone works together really motivated me to work harder so that one day I would no longer be that last person. But even when I was that last person or needed help carrying equipment, everyone was always willing to help. I find that the SOF program is built in such a way that every minute of the course counts and it also drives you to go out and work your hardest. ‎ The planning that goes into each class is amazing and therefore each one is different so you're never bored. Now a year and a half later into this program, I can see how much stronger I am and how much more independent I am when doing things because I know that I'm physically strong enough to do them. An added bonus was when I started the IFT program, as this has decreased the pain that I was having in my shoulders and neck (where I had to go and see a massage therapist, chiropractor and physiotherapist on a weekly basis for months!) because now I am doing exercises properly and no longer straining my neck and shoulders. I recommend this personal training for everyone! Recently a few people have told me that I am an inspiration to women who have had kids. To see me and know that it's possible to get back to a pre-baby body. I told them that SOF was worth every penny and that they should try it! The really nice thing about SOF is that you can work out just three days a week and still get amazing results. My husband says I look better now than when we met 17 years ago. Thanks SOF! I look forward to seeing what next year will bring. SOF really does show me that age is just a state of mind. Here's to keeping up with the 30 year olds; or at least not stray too far behind ”