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Goal Strategies for Side Splits

Not one of my skills, but it's fun to do once in a while to check on how the hip, hamstring and groin is doing! Today I talk about the warm-up and building up to the side splits. One of the keys to this goal is consistency. At least three to four times a week warming up properly (the right muscle...See more

Another Day at the Office (10 minutes with Coach Mark!)

It's mid-week and that might mean you have a tight neck (trap) from preparing for so many late week meetings. Today I do some fascia release for the traps, which should help relieve pain in the neck. I also do scapula push-ups for scapula strength (the strength to keep your shoulders in a good...See more

Functional Fitness at the Office

Do you need to take a 10 minute break in your day to address some joint pain and increase your core strength? This week coming Mon, Wed, Fri at 11am is the Functional Fitness at the office and it's completely free. Why free? Because I preach to my members to do at least 10 minutes of working on...See more

Goal Setting Week 1

I challenged people to set three major goals for themselves in 30 days to see what they could accomplish. To help them along the way I took some of their goals and made videos to help people out. Here is a combination of the first six days.See more

Pull and Grab - Obstacle Course Race Institute

Try out this fun drill to help you improve in races with obstacles that vary in height.See more

Goal Setting - Love The Process

It's easy to get swept up in a big goal. But if it's unrealistic or the only thing you care about is reaching the goal, you're going to lose in the long run. You need to love the journey - love the process. Facebook Fan Page: Obstacle Course Race...See more

Ankle Warm-up for Trail Running

Don't be pulled from a race with an ankle sprain. Not only is your race over, your next six weeks of training might be over too. Warm up prior to your race and strengthen in your training. You won't regret it!See more

Active Hang during OCR Races - OCR Race Institute

Start with dead hangs, then build up your ability to active hang. The rotator cuff and scapula strength will protect you during hanging movements at races. An active shoulder during a swing (not arm bent but shoulder slightly engaged) will prevent injuries.See more

Mastering Push-ups

I find push-ups are a common goal for people who are starting out in fitness. So many members I see come in use poor technique or barely move their arms when doing push-ups that they never gain the proper range of motion or strength required. In this video I give some progressions and regressions...See more

Survivor 2016

Check out a video from our Survivor Fitness Program. This program includes lectures on Mobility and Nutrition while you compete against others in friendly competition to come out as the lone Survivor. Survivor Winter coming in February 2017! And of course Survivor Fall in the Fall of 2017.See more