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Functional Fitness at the Office

Do you need to take a 10 minute break in your day to address some joint pain and increase your core strength?

This week coming Mon, Wed, Fri at 11am is the Functional Fitness at the office and it's completely free.

Why free? Because I preach to my members to do at least 10 minutes of working on their body every day and I want to help people so much I'm offering a literal walkthrough three times a week right now and with your help maybe even more.

Like the video, share it with your friends and subscribe to our feed (Soldiers of Fitness) and I'll keep the good times rolling.

Today I addressed TFL and glute minimus with fascia release, pigeon and stationary lizard for movement, then went on to strengthening with a one leg glute bridge and core exercises.

All you need is a soft floor, yoga ball and a towel (towel for Wednesday).

10 minutes a day = 70 minutes a week = 3640 minutes a year (or just over 60 hours).

What do you think that would do for your body?

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